Transparent Pricing-Model; Healthy Supply Chain and Partnerships...Fair Play


Taking responsibility and having a positive impact on our environment have been central to our concerns. We are commited to an ethical production process, the use of responsible resources and a fair distribution of profits. In short: We are keen on 'Fair Play'



We are aware that we still have a long way to go. However, we are striving to gradually implement new techniques and search for partnerships to achieve this ultimate goal.  


One of the steps we took so far is to be transparent about costs and revenues. And we believe that our clients are entitled to know what it takes to produce our products. Especially since some of our decisions may lead to higher production costs.


In certain cases we deliberately choose to pay our partners more than the regular cost-price in the market. We believe that the surplus we pay is an investment. The ROI (Return On Investment) we aim for is in great quality, trustworthiness, service and care, decent working conditions and happy people. 


We challenge ourselves and our competitors on a day to day basis to deliver more value to our clientele. Also we challenge ourself to be more resourceful and change customer behavior for the better. 


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